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nev schulman net worth

Nev Schulman is an American television host, producer, and actor. He is best known for hosting the MTV reality show Catfish and for his role in the 2010 documentary film of the same name. As of 2022, Nev Schulman’s net worth is 2 million dollars. Nev Schulman started his career as a photographer. He then transitioned into television, hosting the MTV show Catfish. The show was a huge success and made him a household name. He has also appeared in other TV shows and films, including Girl Code and Drunk History.

Nev Schulman Net Worth Summary

NET WORTH$2 Million
SOURCEActor, Film Producer, Photographer, Television Producer
CITIZENSHIPUnited States of America

Nev Schulman Net Worth & Source Of Wealth

Nev Schulman’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. His primary source of wealth is his television career. He was born on September 26, 1984, in New York City. His older brother is a successful filmmaker and actor. Schulman started taking pictures when he was young and eventually developed a passion for photography.

He attended Sarah Lawrence College but dropped out after a semester to pursue his career in photography. Schulman’s big break came when he photographed and filmed the popular music festival, Lollapalooza, in 2005. His work caught the attention of MTV executives, who asked him to star in his reality show.

 In 2010, . The show follows Schulman as he helps people who have been “catfished” – fooled by someone they’ve met online into thinking they are someone else entirely. He has starred in many reality TV series, including MTV’s Catfish and the spin-off show Catfish: The TV Show. He also hosted the web series Nev Schulman Live. In addition to his work on television, Schulman has also written a book about his experiences with online dating.

Nev Schulman’s net worth allows him to live a comfortable lifestyle. He owns a home in Los Angeles and has been known to take luxurious vacations. In addition, he has an impressive collection of cars, including a 1992 Jeep Cherokee. Despite his success, Schulman has not forgotten his humble beginnings. He is a strong advocate for social media and has used it to help people in need. For example, he helped raise money for the family of Kelli O’Laughlin, who was killed by an internet troll.

Nev Schulman is married to Laura Perlongo. The couple has two sons and one daughter, Cleo James, Beau Bobby Bruce, and Cy Monroe. Schulman often posts about his family on social media. He is also an active philanthropist and has worked with various charities over the years.


What is Nev Schulman’s Full Name?

The full name of Nev Schulman is Yaniv Schulman.

What was Nev’s job before Catfish?

Before his involvement with Catfish, Nev was a professional photographer.

What does Nev Schulman do for a Living?

Nev Schulman is an American filmmaker, photographer, and television host. He is best known for his 2010 documentary film Catfish and the MTV reality series Catfish: The TV Show, which he hosts and executive produces.

How much Money does Nev Schulman make?

This is difficult to answer as Nev’s salary is not public information. However, we do know that he made $50,000 from the sale of his documentary film Catfish. We also know that he makes an undisclosed amount of money from hosting and executive producing the MTV reality series Catfish: The TV Show.

What is Nev Schulman’s ethnicity?

Nev Schulman is of Jewish descent. His father is Jewish and his mother is Christian.